The result of the Top 100 Influential Brand in Taiwan 2014 survey, carried out by Business Weekly and Ipsos, Taiwan, ranked Tatung No. 4 in the category of electronics industry, No. 24 in the main chart of mixed categories, and No. 8 in the category of Taiwan native influential brand. The survey is the first of its kind to be conducted from the viewpoint of general consumers in respect of the most influential brand in their daily life
Tatung Boy lantern, Greeting Dragon with Good Luck, made its debut in the 2015 Taiwan Lantern Festival
Establishing eTungGo, Tatung’s online shop, to involve in e-commerce business
Tatung Healthy Life Store began its official operation
Applying cloud computing and Internet of Things technology to come up with solutions for smart life, smart grid, and smart factory & building to showcase in 2015 Smart City Summit & Expo
Establishing Taiwan's first smart microgrid demonstration Park in Linbian for Pingtung County Government. The work won "Smart Energy Conservation" award in the 2015 Smart City Innovative Application Competition organized by the Board of Science and Technology (BOST), the Executive Yuan, and also was awarded a silver medal in the microgrid category of APEC's 2015 Energy and Smart Community Application Competition
Shan-Chih Asset Development launched its flagship smart green community, "Tatung Smart Manor", which was awarded a gold medal in design of the 2015 Taiwan's Excellent Smart Green Building and System
Tatung won the Bronze Medal in the category of electronics industry of Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards for 3 consecutive years
Tatung utilized the technology of Internet of Things on smart appliances and cooperated with SIGMU to create all-rounded smart living
Tatung won the bidding of solar PV roofing plan for the public buildings in Kinmen County. The project enables Kinmen County Government to get the trends in electricity consumption and gauge reportable events on real-time power generation via Tatung’s smart meters and energy saving monitoring system so that electricity losses can be reduced and efficiency on power generation can be enhanced
Tatung rice cooker, an important cultural asset representing Taiwan's everyday life, was exhibited and demonstrated as a cultural & creative artifact in Tsutaya Books(Japan), one of the twenty most beautiful bookstores in the world
Tatung won the bidding of solar PV power generation system for Pratas Island. The project includes 40kWp of solar energy and fuel control system to monitor the operation of generator and load status so that output of solar PV can be controlled and uninterrupted power supply in Pratas Island can be expected
Tatung cooperated with ITRI and Toshiba to promote microgrid within smart grid in Penghu. The project not only implements regional application of microgrid in Taiwan but also raises the proportion of renewable energy hoping to maintain stable power supply and optimize the regulation for demand and supply


Accomplished microgrid system on Taiping Island, the southernmost territory of Taiwan, to set the benchmark for the application of microgrid system in offshore islands of Taiwan
Winner of 2014 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award, bronze medal, for large enterprises in technology and electronics manufacturing industry
The Company, as an important supplier of high efficiency motors and cables, was invited by Steel Asia Manufacturing Corporation, the largest steel company in the Philippines, to its new plant’s inauguration ceremony in Davao
Further to the winning of solar system roofing bids for government-owned buildings in New Taipei City, Nantou, Taichung, Pingtung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung, the Company again won the bid for Penghu County Government’s solar system roofing project making Tatung the most experienced PV energy service company(PV-ESCO) in Taiwan
Tatung Group donated 12 million dollars to Kaohsiung City Government to help the victims in the disaster of explosion
All new brand --“in fresh”— introduces hydroponic vegetables that are fresh, healthy, and pollution free to provide customers a new healthy choice by utilizing optoelectronic technology in agriculture
Accomplishing Railway Electrification Project for Hualian–Taitung Line with the introduction of Tatung Boy EasyCard as a way of celebration
Winner of “Top Green Brand 2014” by Business Next Magazine awarded ”Advanced Award” in the category of home appliance
As the only local brand winning Power Brands 2014 award in the category of home appliances, Tatung was awarded Bronze Medal Award by the magazine of MANAGER today
Won the bid for New Taipei City’s Green Market and Campus Project, in which smart meters and energy saving monitoring system are installed to the energy management system setting the project the best example to PV-ESCO rooftop solar system alike in Northern Taiwan
Unveiling “Tatung Boy Halley Rider” Lantern in the 2014 Taiwan Lantern Festival
Co-organizing “Smart City Summit and Expo” to promote Tatung’s unique total solution for smart energy saving system
Acquired the certificate of registration of ISO / IEC 27001:2013 by British Standards Institution for the information security management system of both Tatung and eTungGo, Tatung’s online shop


Awarded Best Corporate Governance, Taiwan, 2013 by World Finance, a financial magazine by World News Media based in the UK
Winner of the 13th “Golden Quality Award for Public Construction” in design and construction
Tatung and Chunghwa Picture Tubes(CPT) were both awarded Honorable Mention in the 2013 Taiwan Top 50 CSR Awards in the category of manufacturing industry
Winner of “Top Green Brand 2013” by Business Next Magazine awarded ”Advanced Award” in the category of home appliance
Won the bid for New Taipei City’s Green Campus Project, in which solar panel system and intelligent energy management system are to be installed in 16 selected schools in New Taipei City
To celebrate its 95th anniversary of establishment, the Company held an open-air charity concert in Pinxi district where Tatung Boy Flying Lanterns made their debut
Series of Tatung Boy Robots made their debut in Taipei Lantern Festival
Tatung Consumer Products Co.(TCPC), Tatung’s brand channel, set up an official account on LINE along with the release of Tatung Boy character stickers and emoticons which, within 24 hours of online introduction, attracted more than one million active users and the download volume it created broke the record to become No.1 in the official account category of LINE
Tatung-branded AI rice cookers were introduced to the market to mark the first rice cooker of artificial intelligence by Taiwan own brand maker
Chunghwa Picture Tubes(CPT) launched a public tender offer of Giantplus Technology’s common shares to enhance its competitive edge in small and medium-size mobile modules expending its business scale to total solution service
CPT sold 100% stake of CPT Display Technology (Shenxhen), a china-based subsidiary, to China Star Optoelectronics International (CSOT) to activate its assets


Ms. W.Y. Lin was appointed President of Tatung
999 sets of designer limited edition rice cookers, winner of IDEA “Gold” for packaging and graphics, were introduced to commemorate its 50th anniversary. A series of rice cookers in colours of indigenous Taiwanese fruits, watermelon red (Siluo), banana yellow (Cishan), and guava green (Yenchao), were also introduced to celebrate the centenary foundation of the R.O.C. and as the Company’s attempt to relate the touch of Taiwan’s local specialities into CE product line
Crystal growth center (Sanshia) ramped up
As in the resolutions of the 2010 General Shareholders’ Meeting, the Company had its capital reduction by 57.86868536%, i.e. per thousand common shares would have 578.6868536 shares cancelled and exchanged 421.3131464 new shares. The trading suspension period of the old common shares started from 24th March 2011 to 10th April 2011. The date of the listing of the new shares was on 11th April 2011
Issued US$150,000,000 of the credit-enhanced overseas convertible bonds (ECB) with denomination of US$100,000 and 0% coupon rate. The issuing date was on 25th March 2011 and the maturity date was on 25th March 2014. The bonds were listed on Singapore Stock Exchange. The conversion price of the ECB was set at NT$7.74 (at 20% premium ), and, the conversion price would be adjusted to NT$18.3711 on share relisting date on 11th April 2011. The exchange rate from USD to NTD for conversion was set at 29.57. Oversubscription of the ECB reached tenfold
Initiated brand innovation plan
Winner of “Top Green Brand 2011” and “Quality award” in the category of home appliance by Business Next magazine
Winner of “Yahoo! Emotive Brand Awards”
Winner of “Top 100 Taiwan Brand” by the Ministry of Economic Affairs
An open bidding was held over the original Beitou Plant to pursue the greatest value for shareholders