Energy Saving and Greenhouse Gas Management

Due to the fact that the most of energies are imported from overseas and the price of energy grows up gradually. It is expected that the cost of energy will rise by years and contribute to operating costs. In order to fulfill corporate social responsibility and reduce operating costs, Tatung Co. set short and medium term goals which are based on energy intensity per product or unit and the baseline year is 2013. The goals are:
Short term – reduce 3% in 2016,
Medium term – reduce 6% in 2018.
To achieve the goals, Tatung Co. conducts annual energy audit and reports the energy consumption information to the government as well as implementing energy saving projects in the headquarter and the factories. In the subsidiaries, Tatung Co. checks the energy saving performances during 3P program on site audit to ensure the energy saving target can be achieved. In 2014, Tatung Co. reduced about 1.2 million kwh of purchased electricity consumption which equaled to 620 GHG emission reductions via 6 dimensions. In addition, San-Hsia Factory has implemented and certified ISO 50001 energy management system which is able to elevate energy performances. Tatung Co. will select two factories to implement ISO 50001 this year.
In order to investigate the amount of GHG emission thoroughly and comply with the regulation, Tatung Co actively implements ISO14064-1 greenhouse gas management system into the factories. Once the factory completes GHG inventory, verification will be conducted by the third party based on reasonable level of assurance. Three factories have done GHG inventory based on ISO 14064-1 and been verified by the third party. In subsidiaries, CPT and GET have also carried out GHG inventory.