ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

Tatung Co. believes that by implementing ISO14001 is able to continue to improve environmental performances, and improve export competitively and company images. Thus, in May, 1996, Tatung Co, started to implement ISO14001 among the factories and the subsidiaries. Currently, all 4 factories have implemented the system and been certified.

Pollution Prevention Pays (3P) Program

Tatung Co. started to implement "Pollution Prevention Pays, 3P" program in the factories and the subsidiaries which have manufacturing function since 1993 to help Tatung to develop environmentally sound operations. The elements of 3P program are listed as follows:

I. Promote Clean Production technology, fully utilize resources and materials and to reduce the wastes and the production costs. One aspect of this is to improve the existing manufacturing processes and management operations, with the objective of eliminating sources for pollution. Also improve upon raw materials, and improve upon the recycling/reuse, and exchange/ reuse of waste materials. Another aspect of this is to develop and choose zero pollution or low pollution manufacturing processes to reduce the amount of wastes.

II. Develop green products to create additional values for products. The objective is to apply the concept of "Design for the Environment, DfE", in the design phase to produce "recyclable, low pollution, toxic-free, resource saving, power saving, and durable" products to benefit the environment.

III. ESD conducts yearly on-site auditing and evaluation in each factory and subsidiary to benefit management in their review of environmental performances and draft of new policy and objectives. IV. Conduct internal audit on regulation compliance in order to find out problem at first place and mitigate it.