Tatung Co. is tirelessly dedicated to the development of green products and many of them have been awarded with "Green Mark", "Energy Label", and "Water Label". There are 153 models are awarded with Green Mark, 444 models are awarded with Energy Label, and 21 models are awarded with Water Label. As for toxic free products, Tatung Co. has followed EU RoHS directive and REACH regulation, through supply chain management and manufacturing management to ensure there is no hazardous substance in the products shipped to EU.

As increasing awareness on the global warming issue, Tatung Co. expects the customers and consumers choosing the products which have lower environmental impacts. Hence, Tatung Co. started to carry out product carbon footprint project to disclose such information. In 2010, San-Hsia Factory cooperated with China Steel Company to carry out carbon footprint inventory on A.C. motor (3hp) and verified by DNV. Tatung Co. also assisted the subsidiaries such as CPT and GET to carry out product carbon footprint since 2011. Starting from 2012, Tatung Co. has carried out product carbon footprint inventory on Tatung's signature product – Rice Cooker. So far Tatung Co. has completed the establishment of Taiwan EPA carbon footprint PCRs for "Rice Cooker" and "Electronic Cookers" and followed the PCR to carry out product carbon footprint inventory for Rice Cookers. Tatung Co. sets the schedule to complete by the end of 2015.


Product Green Mark1 Energy Label2 Water Label
Electric fan - -
Refrigerator - -
Washing machine -
Rice cooker/eletronic cooker Monitor - -
Water dispenser(warm/hot water) - -
Dehumidifier - -
Domestic air conditioner -
Amorphous cast-resin dry type transformer - -
Amorphous oil-immersed type transformer - -
Note:As of 2015.04.15

Note 1:
Taiwan EPA established "Green Mark" program in order to encourage manufacturers to reduce pollution emissions, consumption of energies and resources during the life cycle of a product as well as to awake the consumers to choose resource saving,low pollution, recyclable products. The products with "Green Mark" represent the environmental performances ranked form top 20~30% on their product category.

Note 2:
Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan initiated the coluntary"Energy Label" program. The products with "Energy Label"indicate that the energy efficiency of the product is 10~50% higher than national energy efficiency standard.