Privacy Notice
Dear Client,
In response to the change of social environment and laws and regulations and the technology advances, Tatung Company (hereinafter, the “Company”) stipulates this privacy protection notice for the collection, use and protection of users’ personal information. The Company values our clients’ privacy and will comply with the Personal Information Protection Act of the Republic of China and the relevant laws and regulations in the collection, process and use of clients’ information. Moreover, proper protection of clients’ personal information has always been the Company’s priority. We hereby explains the privacy protection policy of the Company’s website and the relevant measures for information protection.
Article 1 Collection of Information
I. You do not need to provide any personal information when browsing the product information on the Company’s website. However, when You wish to register as a member of the website or participate the website activities held by or sponsored by the Company, the Company or our partner may request You to register Your name and contact information to facilitate our communication with you, provision of service or process of order.
II. When You select products for delivery, we will request You to provide the name, telephone number, address and other necessary delivery information of the recipient.
III. When You actually consume on the website, we will keep Your accounts for record.
IV. We will request You to provide information in accordance with the actual service of market analysis, customer service, give-away, or right notice of members and clients.
V. The Company’s website will keep information such as Your IP address, visiting time and the web pages browsed on the website (such as: cookie) for website traffic statistics analysis and user online behavior analysis to improve the service quality of the website.
VI. The purposes of the collection of information include: sales of goods, product repair, delivery, advertising, market analysis, give-aways, right notice relating to members, and all other future possible derivative services.
VII. According to “The specific purpose and the classification of personal information of the Personal Information Protection Act” announced by the Ministry of Justice, the Company collects, processes, uses and keeps Your personal information of the classifications indicated below:
  C001 Type for identifying individuals (name, title, address, office address, previous address, home telephone number, cell phone number, internet web signing up account, postal and resident address, E-mail address as well as any other data which can identify the individual).
  C003 Type for identifying in government data (for example, ID card number and passport number).
  C011 Individual description (for example, age, gender, birth date, birth place, nationality, and voice).
  C031 Residence and facilities (for example, the address of residence).
VIII. According to “The specific purpose and the classification of personal information of the Personal Information Protection Act” announced by the Ministry of Justice, the Company collects, processes, uses and keeps Your personal information for the specific purposes indicated below:
  040 Marketing
  090 Consumer, customer management and service
  091 Consumer protection
  107 Procurement and supply management
  129 Accounting and related service
  136 Information (communication) and database management
  152 Advertisement and commercial behavior management
  157 Investigation, statistics, and research analysis
  181 Other business operation in accordance with the business registration project or organization prospectus
  132 Operating broadcasting business
Article 2 Process and Use of Personal Information
I. The Company will process and use the personal information provided by the members in accordance with laws and regulations relating to personal information protection within the scope of performing customer service, give-away and other contracts or quasi-contract obligations, and the safety of the personal information will be properly maintained.
II. In the following situations, the Company is entitled to inspect the members’ information or to provide the members’ personal information to the authorized agency or unit, or a third party claiming infringement with appropriate evidence:
  1. According to the laws and regulations or the order of judicial agency or other executive agency and unit acting in accordance with the laws;
  2. To execute the terms of this Agreement or the customer breaches the Agreement;
  3. To protect the normal function and safety of the Company’s system;
  4. To protect the legal rights of the Company, other customers, or other third parties;
III. The personal information the Company collects will be provided to the necessary collaborators (such as delivery company) in accordance with the principle of minimum disclosure. Unless otherwise provided by laws and regulations, or Your consent is separately obtained, we will not disclose Your personal information to a third party other than the foregoing.
IV. To provide the members with continuing services, the period of use of personal information for the Company will last until the member submits an application for ceasing the use of the Company’s relevant services and will be deleted after the customer service informs the member with the relevant rights.
V. Unless otherwise provided by laws and regulations, the territory of the use of personal information will be based on the territory authorized by You.
Article 3 Safety of Personal Information
The Company promises that the information system used for transactions is consistent with the current technology (including, without limitation, SSL, OTP, and ACL) and obtained the certification of international information security management ISO 27001. In the event the customer finds any mistake or negligence, please notify the Company immediately.
Article 4 Use of Cookies
To improve the website’s service, the Company’s website uses the technology of cookie to facilitate providing services the members need. Cookie is a function allowing website server recognize the user information and collection of data for records. You may disable cookie or delete the relevant records, but situations such as inability to successfully log in to the website or inability to record the reservation may occur.
Article 5 Rights of the Owner of the Personal Information
After you register as a member on the Company’s website, if there is any change of or desirable correction or supplement to the personal information provided by You, please log in to the official website of Tatung to maintain the member information or contact the customer service of the Company to update; otherwise, the Company will not be liable where the Company provides relevant services according to the member information You provide and causes any loss to You.
Article 6 Amendment and Announcement of Privacy Notice
The Company may amend the privacy notice in response to technology advances and market changes. The latest version of privacy notice announced on the Company’s official website shall prevail, and the updates will not be separately notified. In the event the users have any questions concerning the website’s privacy notice or matters relating to personal information, the users may contact the customer service of the Company.